What is Orgasmic Yoga?

Human beings in all times and cultures have experimented with sex to achieve trans-personal parts of consciousness. Orgasmic Yoga evolved over the last twenty-five years out of a network of sexual adventurers and researchers exploring the potential of erotic massage and mindful masturbation.

The focus of these researchers was their own inner subjective somatic experience during arousal. By focusing right now to their own natural bodies, they wound up plainly mindful of a wonderful potential. Suggestive daze states offered access to insight, imagination, aliveness and flexibility not generally accessible to the human group.

Tens of thousands of men and women have awakened to the joys and benefits of these blissful states with the help of orgasmic yoga. As individuals, couples realize the benefits of erotic trance, of a sexual yoga emerged.

Both Learning and Savouring

Orgasmic Yoga is a pleasurable, intimate and transformative discipline, practiced while sexually aroused. The aim of most specialists is to create or recover suggestive limits. A few people practice to enjoy the great emotions in their body. Along these lines, Orgasmic Yoga is both significant substantial training and exemplified reflection. Most practice sessions begin with “doing” and end with “being.”

Profound embodied learning takes place when we repeat a practice mindfully over time. Repetition is way how human learn sex. So the yoga model of education is ideal.

Sensual reflection enables the person to concentrate on what is significant as opposed to what is shallow. Each practice session closes with a peaceful time of encountering one’s body as genuine right now.

“Be Here Now” becomes “Be Here Now while sexually aroused.”

Orgasmic Yoga Somatic Learning

Excellent learning environments often interrupt the ongoing patterns and habits.. This interruption is good thing. Thirty hours of practice in thirty days offers motivated individuals the opportunity to make profound and meaningful changes by using erotic immersion as an educational strategy.

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Very few individuals would undertake and complete such a program without the considerable support, resources, and guidance available through this training. The erotic choreographies to be practiced each day have been selected and crafted by skilled somatic educators. They were designed so each practitioner has the freedom to vary the practice depending on one’s needs and intentions.

Orgasmic Yoga Resources & Practice

An astonishing array of resources is available for men who commit to evolving their capacity for conscious erotic embodiment.

An online workbook with thirty orgasmic yoga practices.

Orgasmic Yoga practices is available online for streaming or download. Six hours are solo practices and eight hours are erotic touch practices for couples. Video viewing requires broadband internet access.

Take membership or admission of any orgasmic yoga center.

The resources are vast and valuable, yet nothing compares to the learning that will happen in your body through your self-directed Orgasmic Yoga practice.

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