The Importance Of Diet For Beauty

The Importance Of Diet For Beauty This section contains detailed information about how to manage many aspects of daily life to create harmony in the body and the Importance Of Diet For Beauty. Such information should be treated as guidelines for living, to be adopted gradually as circumstances allow. The intention is not to be […]

Uttanpadasana (The Raised Legs Pose) Steps & Benefits

Forward Bend Pose or Uttanasana

Uttanpadasana: There are many people who try to go for different asanas in order to keep themselves fit and healthy. You should know that if you are able to get the right posture for the different asanas then you would not have to worry about performing it in the right way. It is also important […]

Salabhasana Yoga (Locust Pose Benefits)

You should try to practice different types of asanas in the right manner. If you have any doubt or difficulty in performing asanas then it is always very important to get the right advice from an yoga practitioner or expert. It is for sure that it would take a lot of time to exercise for […]

How To Do The Shavasana (Corpse Pose) Mathod And Benefits

‘Shava’ means a corpse or a dead body. Here we have to make all our limbs limp or virtually dead. We will have a look at the different steps that you need to follow while performing Shavasana: When you try to practice asana then you should make sure that you always get it done from […]

Urdhva Dhanurasana – Upward Facing Bow Pose | Full Bridge Pose

Chakrasana (Wheel) or Urdhva Dhanurasana – Upward Facing Bow Pose | Full Bridge Pose Urdhva Dhanurasana – Upward Facing Bow Pose, sometimes called “Wheel”, is a pose either for advanced students, or people who are genetically gifted with flexibility and a lot of upper body and arm strength. Not only does Full Bridge work your […]

Pratyahara (sense control) Yoga | Practice and Benefits

Pratyahara Yoga Sense control image

Pratyahara: Before dharana (concentration), Dhyana (meditation) and samadhi(contemplation) can be undertaken satisfactorily, it is necessary not only that the right attitude towards all things has been cultivated and the vital currents ordered accordingly; but also that the ability to subdue the tendencies that the five senses have to go outward, is the object of a […]

What is Samadhi Yoga: The 8th Limb Defined

Samadhi Yoga image

Samadhi: The Absorption TAD EVARTHAMATRA-NIRBHASAM SVARUPA-SHUNYAM IVA SAMADHIH (yoga sutrasIII.3) Meditation continues until only the consciousness of the object remains is samadhi It is clear that Dharana, Dhyana and Samadhi are actually the different phases of the same mental process. Each step differs from the previous one by the depth of concentration achieved and the […]

How to do Dhyana Yoga Sutra | Meditation Yoga Benefits

Dhyana yoga meditation boy

Dhyana Yoga : meditation Dhyana yoga therefore represents the goal towards which all the preliminary practices of yoga tend, on the postures, the breathing, the introspection and even the concentration. Dhyana Yoga: Meditation is only the extension of concentration and is born of the ease with which man can “fix the mind” at will on […]

Dharana (concentration) yoga | Practice and Benefits

Dharana concentration yoga image

Dharana: the concentration Yoga. As already indicated, the first five Angas (stages) of Yoga eliminate, step by step, the external causes of mental distraction. Yama (Rules or Self-prohibitions) and Niyama (Commandments) eliminate disturbances caused by uncontrolled desires and emotions. Asana (Posture) and Prânâyâma (breath control or prana) eliminate the disturbances caused by the physical body. The Pratydhara (or […]

Pranayama Yoga (breathing control Exercise) for Beginners

Top 10 Pranayama Yoga (Breathing Control) & Poses. Pranayama is the fourth limb of Ashtanga yoga, and is also called as the “Heart of Yoga.” I call it as the “Science of Breathing.” Pranayama comes from two words, prana and ayama. Prana stands for the vital energy which is present within each one of us. […]