Golden Gems To Good Health

  • The best toothpowder is a mixture of turmeric and salt. Use it atleast once a week.
  • Exercise is a must. Even if you do not have time, 10 min. of daily exercise will be beneficial.
  • Practice ‘Surya Namaskars’ daily. 
  • Spend some time everyday in meditation and relaxation. This helps us to recharge our batteries. Make an appointment with yourself. Change your Lifestyle by asking questions from yourself.
  • Pure cow’s Ghee plays an important role in ayurveda. Take a minimum of 30 grams of pure cow’s ghee orally. Massage your temples with pure cow’s ghee while going to bed for pleasant sleep.
  • Press between your eyebrows, below nostrils, at the tip of your nose, the temples (where your eyebrows end) and at three points underneath the dark circles around your eyes. This is a good anti-wrinkle formula, as well as helps to reduce the power of your lenses.
  • Eat two dates with pure cow’s ghee everyday. GOLDEN GEMS TO GOOD HEALTH.
  • Do neck exercises every day (in yogic parlance, we call it ‘Greeva Abhyas’). Rotate your neck clock-wise as well as anti-clock-wise, an equal number of times. Stretch out your hands and rotate both your wrists daily.
  • Take three almonds, three cardamoms (elaichi) and three teaspoons of variali and soak them in a little water overnight. Drink that water and the ‘Crush’ from the earlier should be chewed with milk.
  • Massage with vertical strokes from your eyebrows to your forehead.
  • Don’t eat when there is no appetite otherwise it results in ‘aam’ or toxins in the body. Don’t go by the clock even when there is no desire to eat.
  • Take 9 Tulsi leaves (basil) available with the Phoolwala mali along with three whole black pepper corns. Excellent to ward off a number of illness.
  • Avoid late nights, but if you can’t then avoid sour foods at night.
  • Mix ginger juice with honey and take 2-3 glassfuls in a day to get rid of your coughs and colds completely.
  • If hair falls, include til (sesame seeds), dates and almonds in your diet and see that the root of your hair is nourished everyday.
  • Dandruff is due to excessive heat and air – take jethimadh, harde, mango seeds and honey in your diet.
  • Take 1 tsp castor oil daily at night.
  • To get rid of acidity and indigestion mix ‘jeera’ with sugar and ‘kali darakh’ 
  • Consume 1 glass of any vegetable juice daily, preferable carrot juice and eat 1 fruit daily, preferable an apple.
  • Breakfast should be moderate, lunch full and dinner very light. Preferable 2-3 hours before bedtime.
  • Take 1 cup of cow’s milk with ginger and turmeric for breakfast.
  • If one meal is heavy, the other should be light.
  • People suffering from acne should soak black raisins ( kali darakh ) overnight in water. Drink the juice by liquidizing it in the morning. One teaspoon of pure cow’s ghee with early morning tea is also advised. If acne persists, live only on a diet of moong, rice and vegetables.
  • Take a tsp of trifala churan in a glass of water before retiring in bed, for overall good health.

Hope you like this tips!. Include these GOLDEN GEMS TO GOOD HEALTH steps in your daily routine and enjoy a Healthy Life. Share this tips with your Fr!ends 🙂

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