Prakriti means the ‘ First Creation’ determined at the point of conception. The specialty of Ayurveda is that it doesn’t believe that all human beings are identical. Each person has a distinct identity as well as nature which is peculiar to him/her. They are of 8 types –



Mental Constitution – Vedic philosophy classifies human temperaments into three basic qualities: Satva, Rajas and Tamas. The relatively predominance of either Satva, rajas, or Tamas is responsible for the individual psychological constitution.

Satvic Mental Constitution – The people in whom Satvic qualities predominate are religious, loving, compassionate and pure-minded. They have good manners, behavior, and conduct. They do not get easily upset or angry. Although they work hard mentally, they do not get mental fatigue. They are creative, humble and respectful of their teachers. Worshipping GOD and humanity, they love all and care for people.

Rajas Mental Constitution – The people in whom Rajas qualities predominate are egoistic, ambitious, aggressive, proud, competitive, and have a tendency to control others. They like power, prestige, position and are perfectionists. They are hard working people, but are lacking in proper planning and direction. Emotionally, they are angry, jealous, and ambitious. They have a fear of failure, are subject to stress, and soon lose their mental energy. They are loving, calm and patient only as long as their self-interests are served. They are good, loving, friendly and faithful only to those who are helpful to them. Their activities are self – centered.

Tamas Mental Constitution – The people in whom Tamas qualities predominate are less intelligent. They tend towards depression, laziness, and excess sleep, even during the day. A little mental work tires them easily. They like jobs of less responsibility, and they love to drink, eat, sleep and have sex. They are greedy, possessive, attached, irritable and do not care for others.

Body Constitution – “One Man’s Food is Another Man’s Poison” – Once you know your body constitution you can take advantage of selecting the right diet for maintaining balance of Tridosha. Many food you eat could be the cause of your health problems even if they are healthy ones. Every individual has a unique combination of 3 doshas – VATA – PITTA – KAPHA. To understand individuality is the foundation of diagnosis and treatment in Ayurveda.

Also, Go Through Prakriti Chart

FORGIVENESS Hardly any, to remember mistakes of others and to listen them very often Less indication towards forgiveness highly inclined
MIND Weak, inconsistent, dissatisfied A little weak, A little dissatisfied Courageous, firm, full of good qualities
FOREBEARANCE Lack of mental and physical forebearance Medium / Average Very much – both – mental and physical.
FRIENDSHIP Few friends, no trust on friends, keeps them changing Few friends, friendship for longer duration Many friends, all are life long.
QUARREL ‘I am wrong, you are wrong too’ tendancy, aggressive, violent, don’t rely even on self ‘I am right, you are wrong’ attitude. Those who do not agree get a thrash and agreeable get praised ‘I am right, you too are right’ attitude. Others point of view heard with patience. No rashness while holding forth own point of view
INTELLEGENCE Unsteady and not much Top intelligent Averaqe intelligent
MEMORY Very little, forgetful, short and long, both memory dim Very good, both short and long memory excellent Average, but of long time memory
PROMISE Don’t keep promises Usually keeps promise, honest Always keeps promise, very honest
UNDERSTANDING Quick in understanding, the patience to hear fully Quick in understanding the talk fully Take sometime in understanding
METHOD OF WORKING IN THE OFFICE TABLE Papers, files & other things are scattered on the table Table and other stationery are kept systematically. Keep the arrangement changing from time to time keep the things on the table properly without changing the arrangement. Work very systematically and in correct way.`
     1. BELIEVE Don’t believe Believe immediately Take time in believing
     2. DISBELIEVE Anybody The belief lasts long The belief remains forever
     3. WORK          EFFIEIENCY Not efficient, make mistakes in 30 % to 40 % work Semi-efficient, make mistake in 10 % to 20 % work Mistakes are upto 2 % to 5 % only.
ANGER / TEMPER Loose temper soon, cool down slowly Loose temper soon, lasts long. Hardly loose mind, cool minded
FEAR Fear without reason, frightened soon, phobia affected If frightened they face the event. Not frightened
NATURE Somtimes irritated, sometimes in temper, sometimes happy, they are moody Get pleased soon as also angry, but generally remain pleased Always pleased, laughing all the time.
TALK Talkative, diverting from the main point Talks only on point, not otherwise Sweet talker. Talk only on points explaining fully.
IMAGINATION POWER, ARTISTIC VIEWPOINT Artistic views, points imagination limitless. Artistic view of point is more but imagination is powerless Imagination is more but artistic viewpoint is less
WEALTH, MONEY Always short of money Average rich Very rich
SHAPE OF BODY Weak, lean their body, hands and legs are thin and weak even though take too much of food, but no increase in weight Ordinary or weak body, balanced stature. Hands and legs are weak and soft. Bogi body, strong stature, bulky stomach, even in take of food sweels the body.
TOUNGE AND FACE Tounge mostly dry and blackish. Has the white spots on it, sometimes dryness in the throat Tounge pinky red, blister in mouth Tounge white, oily sweet taste in mouth
SKIN Thin, dry, nerves can be seen Soft, hot, thin, pink skin, boils, pimples on the face Thick, soft, cold skin
HAIR Dry, rough, thin hair Thin hair, becomes white soon, fall early, become bald at a young age              —————-
HUNGER TASTE Not hungry at a particular time but hungry anytime Hungry at a particular time, if food not taken, headache is the result. Even if food is not taken, no problem. Less hungry. like to have tasty food.
DIGESTION sometimes good digestion and sometimes it turns in to gas. Good digestion, sometimes burning sensation in stomach. small quantity of food in stomach. It takes 7 to 8 times normally to digest.
STOOLMOTION Constipation, stool generally, dry sometimes. Stool comes with ease, yellow and in enough quantity. Enough time for passing stool, motion is oily.
SLEEP Less sleep, sleep disturbed by dreams and sound. Complete sleep of 8 hours must be taken, disturbance, dreams are also less. Need 10 hours sleep, have sound sleep. Even noise has no effect.


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