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Dhyana Yoga : meditation

Dhyana yoga therefore represents the goal towards which all the preliminary practices of yoga tend, on the postures, the breathing, the introspection and even the concentration.

Dhyana Yoga: Meditation is only the extension of concentration and is born of the ease with which man can “fix the mind” at will on some particular object. It obeys the same rules and conditions as concentration and the only difference between them lies in the element “time”. As the ability to focus the mind firmly on an object is obtained, the next step is to develop the power to keep the mind or chitta substance unyieldingly occupied with that object or thought for a prolonged period of time. The word contemplation is here synonymous with meditation. This meditation is still with seed or with an object.

Through dhyana yoga (meditation), the powers of consciousness are developed. Each of the vehicles through which it expresses itself (physically, emotionally and mentally) possesses some latent abilities, but the pure consciousness, which is their source for all, possesses them in their purest form. , the most sublimated.

Yoga for most of the people happens to be a great source of keeping themselves fit with its incredible body postures called asana. However these asanas are only a small part of the yoga. This ancient practice of yoga boasts of its origin from ancient Vedic testaments. We tend to limit the scope of yoga by considering it a mere collection of exercises. But Vedic testaments say that it was originally meant to serve much greater purpose of unifying human souls with eternal power or God. And dhyana yoga meditation happens to be the only way of elevating your spirit so that you could unify yourself with Almighty. Your soul’s unification with Almighty brings eternal peace and tranquility to you.

If you are not performing meditation instructions of yoga along with your daily yoga asana practice, you are likely to not get much of the yoga benefits. Different yoga practices don’t offer you separate solutions instead yoga works well when all its integral parts are practiced simultaneously in an orderly manner. This is the way yoga offers holistic health improvement. That’s why meditation must be incorporated in your yoga routine, it works as a stress buster and brings in mental rejuvenation.

Dhyana Yoga offers various ways of meditation that could be performed with other yoga practice. More higher forms of yoga such as kudnalini Yoga and Raja Yoga are said to offer complex medication practices but once you get accustomed to these practices you would achieve a higher state of mind and soul. Hot yoga offers you to perform meditation in a hot or high temperature ambiance that helps you disassociate yourself from the outside world. This practice helps enhance your mental productivity.

In today’s fast moving world every one tries to improve his/her performance to keep up the pace with changes and in turn gets grappled with stress. Some of us simply perish due to our ignorance towards stress management techniques. In such a situation yoga meditation proves of immense help in stress management.

Even for weight shedding it’s not only the yoga exercise or postures but meditation and breathing techniques that combine together to give desired level of fat burning. Meditation relevance with yoga postures lies in the fact that you can’t remain physically fit if your mind remains unfit. So there is no denying from the fact that by taking out meditation from Yoga you are simply defying the very essence of Yoga.

Five top tips on how to meditate – meditation guide for beginners

Five top tips on how to meditate – meditation guide for beginners To develop a meditation skill it is necessary to practice a lot. You think that you know everything about what meditation gives us. And you sure you’re ready to meditate. However, you may be disappointed from the start. Our mind is in a constant stream of idle talk. Thus, it becomes impossible for us to sit still even for a short period of time. Meditation is the way to the mind clarification. This is the practice of silence.

  • Restore your sleep. If you don’t sleep enough, it’s better to rest before to proceed to meditation. It is difficult to achieve progress in meditation, if you want to sleep all the time.
  • Meditate in a favorable environment. Choose the place where you’ll feel yourself in element. Avoid loud music, it will distract you, especially if you are new to meditation.
  • Do not eat a heavy meal before meditation. After a heavy meal, blood flow is directed to the digestive organs. Blood diverted from all parts of the body – including the brain – for better digestion. Therefore, you tend to feel sleepy.
  • Avoid pain. Meditation doesn’t have to be a painful exercise. It is a practice for quieting your mind, do not be too strict to yourself. It is not necessary to sit on the bare wooden floor meditating for a few hours in order to learn how to meditate.
  • Concentrate. To stop thoughts in your mind it is important to choose the object on which you can concentrate at the beginning of meditation. Some people use a rosary, other candles. Experienced people use breathing techniques.

Art of Buddhist meditation

Meditation is a practice aimed at bringing mind and body into harmony. As for Buddhist meditation, it is a connection between a crossing of a lower state of consciousness, a higher state of consciousness, which is why the word meditation has two meanings.

Its first meaning is this: a culminating point of the consciousness that one can reach, as for its second meaning it is a dominant state of consciousness. It is by no means said that this recollection is the only practice of development, they also exist the ethical observance, the ethical life, symbolic rituals as in tantra.

The Buddhist Meditation as its name indicates is based on Buddhism, the purpose of this practice is very simple, in fact, since it is based on the achievement of nirvana. Nirvana is the attainment of a level in which one can extinguish all the desires of the man sleeping in him, of all his sufferings, all his pains, all his torments, all his anguish.

It is also the attainment of ataraxia (peace of mind), all that is Buddhist meditation aims for inner peace, the perfect symbiosis with the mind by making the total empty. Because to develop one’s subconscious and to know one’s mind is to get rid of any carnal envelope; which does not serve anything at all.

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